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IMPORTANT: You must have admin rights on machines you wish to scan with this program!

When you start the application, you will see this screen:


Click one of the options to add a single new Ip (with the option to add owners) or multiple Ips (add owners later) - this works for any machines, not just servers:

Invalid Ips will be rejected and Ips that you do not have access to scan will be reported.

Now that machines are added, you can add/ owners by clicking the [Add] button or remove owners by clicking the [X] by the name


A new IP is now in the system and is automatically scanned:

You can update the results at any time by hitting the refresh button - the owners will be saved.

To change what is displayed on the home page, click on the options in the display options area:


There is also a GUI for doing manual WMI (WQL) queries if you want to do that as well:

WMI is very powerful and can tell you most anything you care to look up on a machine.

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